Can I bring my pets to your home?

We provide the pet care services in your home where your pets feel the most safe, secure and comfortable.  It's important to not encourage their stress by kenneling.  We're also responsible for making sure your home is as safe and secure as your pets.  Home security is also a large responsibilty of ours while you are away.

How long are the visits?

Each pet and client will have a customized pet care plan deisigned to suit them.  Different pets have different needs.  We focus more on the "task" in taking care of the pets, and not on the actual "time."

We do not charge by time.  We don't penalize/charge clients for accidents which may occur.  What is most important to us is the well being of your pets and your home.  

Who will have access to my home?

  All Absolute Pet Care LLC employees are professional, certified, bonded and insured.  Our goal is to help make you and your pets as comfortable as possible.  As a security measure, we do not share pet care assignments nor client information with others.  We take security very seriously.  Your key will not have your information attached to it.  It is coded and kept in a safe.  Anyone not responsible for your key will not be able to identify it with your residence.  Additionally, we always provide our clients with the option of a 'key exchange.'  Therefore, a key will not need to remain on file.  

Are you bonded and insured?

 Absolutely!  We are bonded and fully insured.  Your pets & home are two of the most important things in your life.  NEVER trust anyone to care for them who is not a professional.  

Unfortunately, a large number of our clients found us AFTER they trusted their pets to friends, neighbors or relatives.  Never trust your pets and home to anyone who is not a professional. 


What if our travel arrangements change and we are away longer than expected?

We do ask that you notify us upon any schedule changes so that we may plan accordingly.  Our primary concern is the safety of your pets and home. 

What about short notice service?

Once you are registered as a client, we will be prepared to handle short notice assignments.   

 We have many clients who often need us to provide short notice dog walking visits when work meetings or happy hours arise unexpectedly.  We have a reputation for going above and beyond for our clients.   

When do I pay for service?

Payment is due upon scheduling of service.  For your convenience, Absolute Pet Care LLC accepts Visa, Mastercard,  Discover, and American Express.  

How many visits a day will you make to my home?

This is up to you.  Most requested for dogs are 2 to 4 visits per day.  Cats and small caged animals are mostly 1 to 2 visits daily.  At times during puppy training, we have been needed to perform 6 daily visits.  We happily make as many visits as requested to ensure the safety and care of your pets.  

We do not accept requests to skip days.  Each pet is required to be visited at least once every 24 hours.  Cats and caged animals need at least one visit daily.  Dogs with a doggie door need at least 2 visits daily.  Dogs without a doggie door require a minimum of 3 visits daily. You never know when a water dish may have been knocked over, a mess has been made, a pet may be sick, or an accident or break in has occurred.  We do offer overnight and Live-In services as well.  Please call with any questions.  

Should we make reservations?

We suggest you reserve our services as far in advance as possible.  Call and check with your pet sitter BEFORE you book travel reservations.

Holidays and Weekends are the busiest times and we need to plan accordingly to provide the best possible service for every client.   

Do you provide service on Holidays?


We provide pet sitting and dog walking services on all Holidays.  

All major holidays, the Holiday Season (November to January) and the Summer Vacation Season (May through Labor Day) are the busiest times of the year.  

If you need to schedule service during these times, please remember to book as early as possible.

What are your hours?


Our Pet Sitting, Dog Walking, Midday visits, Overnight & Live-In services operate 7 days per week, 365 days per year.  


Office hours for phone calls and emails are Monday through Thursday from 9am to 5pm and Fridays from 9am to 2pm.

If we miss your call due to an appointment, please make sure to leave a voicemail with your name, information about your pets, and your approximate location.  Your call will be returned during normal business hours.