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Pricing - 

Absolute Pet Care LLC is a professional pet care company with a staff of professional pet care providers.  

We are not amateurs or hobbyists.  

We are licensed, bonded and fully insured, to provide premium care at a reasonable price.  

Our rates reflect the premium care we provide.


New Client Registration Appointment - $25

 - Includes initial meet and greet where we come to meet the pets, collect keys/paperwork, and customize your care details.

This includes Lifetime Client Registration.  As long as you live in our service area, no matter how many pets you add to your family over the years, you will remain registered with us, to continue caring for your loved ones.  


Because you deserve long-term peace of mind, this is a long-term care relationship.  Our intention is to be there to care for your current pets, and also all future pets, while you reside in our service area.


Dog Walking Appointments:

1 dog - $27, Multiple dogs (same owner) - $30


Midday Visits: (dogs needing that midday potty relief walk)

1 dog - $27, Multiple dogs (same owner) - $30


Pet Sitting Appointments:

1 pet - $27, Multiple pets - $30

Pet Sitting Appointments include detailed care instructions for each pet, so they will receive the daily care they are used to: food, water, medications, playtime, cuddle time, etc... 


Overnight Stays:

We stay ten hours overnight with the pets in your home.  Includes all of the care your pets are used to receiving on a daily basis: food, water, walks, medications, playtime, cuddle time, etc...

Overnights are ten hours each for $125.  That breaks down to just over $12 per hour.

Live-In Service:

Occasionally we receive calls for young puppies who need constant care, dogs with extreme separation anxiety, or pets recovering from surgery or illness, where we must stay with them during the night and most of the day.

For cases such as these, we do provide a Live-In service where we stay 20 hours out of a 24 hour period (we have a four hour window to run home to shower, or to run out for our groceries, etc...).  

Live-Ins are twenty hours each for $220.  That breaks down to just $11 per hour.


Please do not hesitate to contact us at 480-560-3753 with any questions, or to book your New Client Registration Appointment.


Thank you!