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We work with you to customize the perfect pet care plan to help care for your pets.

We specialize in:


Pet Sitting, Daily Dog Walking, Leash Training, Mid-Day Visits, Overnight and Live-In Services.

Pet Sitting:

Pet Sitting visits are commonly needed for clients who travel for business or vacation.  

Standard Pet Sitting visits are customized to the needs of each pet.  We work to make sure each pet has the proper amount of attention, affection, playtime, exercise, food, water, medications, etc.  

We are able to schedule as many daily visits as requested while you are away.  Some pets may need more attention than others.  Often puppies, senior pets, dogs who may be kenneled, dogs without a doggie door, pets who suffer from separation anxiety, or pets on medication may require more visits throughout the day than others.

Also provided if needed are the little tasks such as bringing in the mail or newspaper, watering house plants, turning lights on and off, adjusting the temperature of the home, etc.

Daily Dog Walking:

Our company specializes in Monday through Friday, midday dog walking services for the busy professional.

Depending on the size and breed, being ten pounds overweight can reduce your dog's lifespan by TWO YEARS!  

Daily Dog Walking is our most popular service.  By providing midday dog walking visits, we help many dogs receive their required daily exercise.  Most dogs need to be walked a minimum of twice daily to release their naturally anxious energy.  The most common ill-behavior issues in dogs are caused by lack of exercise.  A tired dog is a happy dog.  

A dog who is too tired to dig, chew, jump or bark excessively is a dog who is walked regularly.   

The safety of your dog is our ultimate priority.  Our walkers are not friends, neighbors, relatives nor children.  They are specially trained professionals who are not only certified, but also do this for a living.  

- Our walkers practice the safe, two handed walking technique at all times.  

- We do not 'Pack Walk' dogs.  Each client will receive the necessary time and attention deserved on their walks, and will not have their safety compromised by sharing walks with others.  

- Most importantly, our walkers refrain from the dangers of multi-tasking.  Our dog walkers are trained specifically to practice safety first.  There will be no texting, emailing, cell phone conversations or use of iPods during our walks.  We eliminate unnecessary distractions in order to fulfill our duties to the best of our abilities.    

We also work well on short notice.  Many clients can simply call or email us if they discover an after work meeting or happy hour will be coming in the week.  This way, we can schedule to walk their dog that day.  It helps to know your dog is taken care of and the convenience of not having to do it after returning home late.

Leash Training:

Leash Training is a service we provide to clients whose dogs have never been properly trained to walk on a leash.  Whether it's a large dog with pulling or aggression issues, or a small dog with alpha or dominance issues.  We help educate owners on the proper techinques of dog walking in order to make it a more pleasurable experience for both dogs and owners.  

Midday Visits:

The majority of clients who need midday visits are those who may be trapped in an office most of the day, and can't get home to let the dog out or give the pets their medication.  This is mostly requested for those who live in apartments, condos or simply do not have a doggie door in their home.   

 Overnight Service

It is important for your pets to remain without stress and anxiety.  Some pets feel abandoned when left alone throughout the night.  Overnight visits are a minimum of 10 hours.  Don't worry, no one eats your food or treats your home as our own.  We are there for your pets and home and will treat them with the upmost respect and professionalism.   



Absolute Pet Care LLC offers lifetime registration for each client.

Regardless of the need (pet sitting, dog walking, etc.), as long as you reside within our service area, you are registered for life.  Never again do you need to worry about finding a pet care professional.  Once a client, always a client.

For registration, call 480-560-3753 to set an appointment. 



Home Check-In Service


For our local Arizona Snow-Birds, we offer a Home Check-In Service.  It is common for Snow-Birds to need help caring for their home while they are away May through October.  With this service, we are able to stop in and check on your home as many times as needed.  Most popular requests are 2 times per week.  We do offer a discounted rate for this service.



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