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Tim - Certified Pet Care Specialist

Tim , Certified Pet Care Specialist


Hi, I'm Tim!  

I have an incredible, life-long passion for helping animals.  Nothing makes my heart happier than bonding with dogs, playing with cats, feeding rabbits, just spending time with animals in any way possible.  It is my true passion in life, and in 2009, I turned it into my career when I founded Absolute Pet Care LLC.

I have a special, natural bond with animals, and you'll see that when I arrive to meet your family for registration.  I honestly can't tell you how many times I've heard clients say something like: "Wow, I can't believe how much my pets love you.  I've never seen them so happy with anyone else."  Bonding with animals is my favorite thing in the world, and I cannot wait to meet your pets.

(Photo is the cover of the Spring 2011 issue of Professional Pet Sitter Magazine). 

I founded Absolute Pet Care LLC ten years ago.  Since then, we now have many happy pet clients in the Scottsdale and Paradise Valley areas.


Like most of our clients, I constantly worried about my kiddos (Sammi and Nash) when I had to leave town.  

I knew they would be miserable if stuffed into a kennel or boarding facility.  Especially with the dangers and stresses associated with that type of environment.  I know one stressed out dog in a kennel can start barking and completely stress out all of the other dogs.  I have heard many traumatic stories about this.  I did not want that kind of stress put on my dogs.  I just couldn't bear to do that to them. 

I also worried about leaving our home while we were away.  I am part of our local neighborhood watch group here in Scottsdale.  We work closely with the Scottsdale police to help report suspicious activity to help prevent break ins.  The police provide great information and tips to help do this.  However, I know nothing is better at preventing a break in than having an actual person staying in our home while we are gone. 

That's when I decided to create Absolute Pet Care LLC.  A professional, fully insured company who can help pet parents by providing professional services.  We offer pet sitting, daily dog walking, midday visits (for those parents who work long hours, trapped in an office), overnight services (sleepovers), Live In service (spending night and day with your kiddos), to even offering personal  leash training to help with dogs who pull on their leashes. 

We are a staff of pet care professionals who are certified in pet first aid and CPR.   Our company is licensed, bonded, and fully insured.  Once you register with us as a client, our insurance covers your pets AND your home while you are away and we are on duty.

FYI - our staff is comprised of both men and women.  Some clients feel concerned that their pet kids may not feel comfortable getting to know a man or a woman pet sitter if they aren't used to them.  Rest assured, our staff is professional.  We are not part-timers, we do this for a living.  We work with many different types of pets on a daily basis.  We get along with ALL types of pets.  We work to make sure they bond with us, and feel as safe and comfortable as possible.  I personally, specialize in Canine Psychology.  I enjoy bonding with dogs, and learning how each one prefers to communicate.  Every dog has their own individual personality, interests, likes/dislikes, etc.  I truly love the experience of getting to know every dog.  I have had the tremendous honor of working with more than a thousand dogs. 

Many clients have found us AFTER making the mistake of trusting a friend, neighbor, or relative with their pet sitting needs.  ONLY trust your pets and home to a qualified, experienced, fully-insured professional.  Because your pets and home are worth it. 

I look forward to meeting you and registering your kiddos (pets) with Absolute Pet Care LLC.

Call us today to get started, 480-560-3753.

Thank you!






About Absolute Pet Care - A little backstory on how we started

About Absolute Pet Care, A little backstory on how we started

I am Tim Heise, the owner of Absolute Pet Care LLC, a professional pet care company located in Scottsdale, AZ.

I started Absolute Pet Care in early 2009 when the pet sitting industry was blowing up, and it was really getting out of control.  Suddenly, EVERYONE wanted to be a pet sitter because they thought it was a great way to make money while spending time with pets.  However, the problem was that so many people decided to flood the industry, and although their hearts may have been in the right place, too many average, simply decent, or sketchy pet sitters were seriously diluting the amount of great pet sitters.  Unintentionally putting a gigantic black eye on the entire pet care industry.  Pet owners had finally accepted the fact that having a pet sitter care for their pets and home was the right thing to do.  Now, they had the major problem of finding a quality pet sitter.

I had to take matters into my own hands.  I decided to create a professional pet care company which would not only help all pet owners in our area, but would also set the standards in exceptional pet sitting.  We decided that we had to help eliminate the chances of a pet owner trusting a part-time or unprofessional pet sitter and exposing their pets and home to sub-par talent, and the accidents, mistakes, and dangers which come along with doing so.  That is incredibly dangerous.  You know the saying: “If you think hiring a professional is expensive, just wait until you hire an amateur.”   That is absolutely true.  Many of our clients have found us AFTER using a friend, neighbor, relative, nanny, housekeeper, or worse…  A “part-time” pet sitter.  The stories they share are devastating.  We work incredibly hard to make sure this doesn’t happen again.  Once a client registers with our company, Absolute Pet Care LLC, they are clients for life.  No matter how many years later, how many different pets they add to the family, we will always be able to take care of them and provide them with the peace of mind they deserve.

In fact, our company has won 'Best of Scottsdale' for Professional Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Services multiple times.